Financing Your Equestrian Activities:

Sponsorships and Scholarships

"Financing Your Equestrian Activities is a book that is filled with practical advice for anyone who is interested in competing in any of the various equestrian disciplines but lacks the financial resources to do so. The book contains case studies of riders from almost every equine discipline who have successfully sought and gained sponsorship from either private individuals or corporations. Suggestions about how to get started, attitudes and characteristics necessary to succeed, creating your proposal, and dealing with rejection are included in this well-written book."

Horse-Play Newsletter, Spring 1997

"Fraser contends that sponsorship isn't only for top-ranked pros; amateurs can benefit from sponsorship too. The trick is in knowing who to ask for support and how to go about asking. Fraser covers that in the first section of the book, including common pitfalls in the process, how to draft a proposal, and more. She relates a wide range of experiences as chronicled by about 10 sponsored riders in a variety of disciplines and events. Although their experiences vary, the result is much the same - each found ways to pursue his or her sport."

"While searching for support for her own equine activities, the author discovered that many scholarships are available for young horsemen. As a result, the final section of her book addresses this source of funding."

Western Horseman, August 1997

"New Hampshire based dressage rider Suzanne K.B. Fraser explores the how-to's of finding a sponsor for almost every riding discipline. College-bound? Don't miss the section on how to apply for equine-related scholarships."

Horse and Rider, June 1997