The Dressage Competitors' Handbook

"Serving as a guide for novices or a quick check for the more experienced, The Dressage Competitors' Handbook will send riders into the arena ready to make their best effort."

Horse Illustrated, June 2001

"There is more to competing in a dressage show than simply showing up on time and riding your test. It's all the little details that come before and after you enter at A, that can make new competitors nervous, and those nerves can affect the test's outcome. Suzanne Fraser's new book, The Dressage Competitors' Handbook, is like a best friend who has been there and done that".

USDF Connection, September 2000

"For those trying their hand at competitive dressage for the first time, Suzanne K. B. Fraser's handbook comes as a welcome source of invaluable information. Her book answers basic questions concerning the numerous (some written and some unwritten) rules surrounding dressage competitions. It's a well-organized, logical compilation of both technical and common sense advice."

The Chronicle of the Horse, July 2000