Financing Your Equestrian Activities

Sponsorships are not only for famous equestrians with significant name recognition. Numerous amateur riders have been able to procure funding for their equestrian activities by knowing who to approach and how to approach them.

This how-to manual contains case studies of riders who have successfully sought and gained sponsorship from individuals, corporations, or both. Equestrians from almost every discipline are profiled: dressage, eventing, show jumping, polo, driving, rodeo, endurance, and western riding. They discuss how they went about finding sponsors, specifics of their sponsorships, pitfalls to avoid, and the benefits of sponsorship. Among some of the better known riders profiled are jumper rider Mark Leone, dressage rider Michelle Gibson, western trainer Richard Shrake, driver Larry Poulin, and endurance rider Valerie Kanavy.

This book examines sponsorships from the corporate and the private sponsor's point of view. Sponsors explain why they selected particular riders and their expectations of these equestrians. The reasons why corporations such as Chrysler, spend significant advertising dollars sponsoring rodeo events, while Beval Ltd. sponsors jumping events are examined.

A commonly overlooked source of funds for equestrians are scholarships. Scholarships are a means for riders to pursue their educational goals -- equestrian and academic. Scholarship opportunities abound in the U.S., but many people are not aware of their existence or how to apply for them. Numerous riding clubs and breed organizations that offer scholarships are listed with their addresses, phone/fax numbers, types of scholarships offered, eligibility requirements, and more.

This book is for everyone who needs help finding money to finance their equestrian activities, and for corporations trying to decide whether they should sponsor equestrian activities.


180 Pages, four-color softcover, 11 B&W photos, ISBN 0-9654900-0-9

Price: $17.95